Q. Why do I need to login in order to use the printing tools?

A. This helps establish which documents you have permissions to modify or edit. To do this anonymously or to test, use username: "guest", password: "guest". Any content you create as "guest" is not archived and will be periodically deleted.

Q. How do I signup for my own username / login then?

A. For now, write to us at hello(@)edgwareroad.org. At a later point registration will be possible through the website.

Q. Why the name and url edgwareroad.org?

A. This project was inspired by our work on the road, and the work of others in the neighbourhood. This is an idea of naming based on an engagement with something, rather than on owning or representing that thing. CAMP and the Centre for Possible Studies plan to pass on the functioning of this website to people working locally (who would similarly be people interested in, rather than owners or representatives of, the area).

Q. So do all publications I make or things I upload need to be related to the Edgware Road?

A. The current instance of this tool is set up for use as part of the Edgware Road Project. A more general-use version will be made available elsewhere, soon. The software ofcourse is available freely, at http://code.camputer.org/edgware so you could always set up your own.

Q. What about copyright/licencing?

A. We presume that all users have the required permissions to publish any content that they upload to this website. Publications further generated via this website are made available under a CC-BY-SA license. One objective of this project is to make a more public platform for art and research materials to circulate in.

Q. What is a Study? And who made these Studies in the archive.

A. The Edgware Road Project conducts research and activities under the title of Possible Studies. These studies are created by participants in the project, over the past couple of years and the archive reflects the activities of these people, beyond what they have "exhibited" officially.

Q. Will my publication on this website automatically become part of the the Edgware Road project, or the Serpentine Gallery?

A. Only if you wish to. Publications made using the tool will automatically have an html page, but will only be visible to others if you explicitly "Publish" them. Edgware Road Project plans to produce a series of printed pamphlets and volumes. Yours could be one of them. Write to us at hello(@)edgwareroad.org.